360 Mall Photowalk

November 30, 2019 09 : 00 AM to 11 : 30 AM

360 Mall Photowalk

Nikon School calls all photography enthusiast to join for a photowalk in one of the most prestigious malls of Kuwait,  360 mall, Zahra, Kuwait.

Bishara Mustafa will lead the walk and take you through the different aspect of the mall. 

Attraction of the mall includes, the indoor vertical gardens, aquariums, the wood work at Boulevard, the chandeliers and many more...


Meet up point will be after the security check on MB floor.. (entry is through the car parking)


Few instructions passed on from the Mall admin team,

  • All photographers will have to pass by Security office in the MB floor to sign their attendance. This is extremely important.
  • Do not shoot the following (very important) ;
    1. Vacant Shops with hoardings.
    2. Under construction or maintenance areas anywhere inside or outside the MALL.
    3. Back service corridors and areas.
    4. Customers are usually  annoyed when they see a photographer, please avoid taking pictures of customers and their faces at all times.
  • None of the participants or the organizer of the workshop is allowed to use the pictures commercially in any way.
  • All pictures shoot will have to be approved by the MALL  management, in this case you will have to send it across to me before any of the participants post it on their social platforms only. All photos have to be sent to Mustansir ( mustansir.dungarpurwala@ashrafkuwait.com ) Or Bishara ( info@bisharam.com) via wetransfer.
  • The photographers will need to carry their belongings on them at all times, leaving unattended baggage of any sort at any locations is prohibited.
  • It’s a no smoking property, nobody is allowed to smoke.

These Instructions will be re-iterated during the induction session before the event 


See you all there

Workshop is not available anymore